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Don't See the Timetable or Other Data?

If you don’t see a timetable (or other data) for your local masjid, then this means that the person responsible for uploading the new timetable (for the new month or new year) has forgotten about it. It is someone from your very own local masjid who has this responsibility.


So you need find this person and remind them to upload the new timetable.

If they have already done it, and you don’t see it, then refresh the masjid data by following these instructions:


From the dashboard, go to Select Masjid.

Then find your masjid in the list and tap it.

This is the Masjid Details page. Tap the Refresh button on the bottom right.

After that, go back to the Timetable page and see if the data has re-appeared.

If this doesn’t work, then if you are using an Android phone, you’ll need to delete cache and data.

Long press on the Masjid Timetable app icon and tap the circle with the “i” in it.
Then go to storage and find Cache and Data. Delete both of these. This should fix the problem.


If not, then the person responsible still hasn’t uploaded the masjid data on the website.


Hope you find the correct person.